Will I get to talk to my Soldier During Basic Training?

My little girl was my best friend before she went to Basic Training. My Korean TV watching buddy, my sunshine. The world went dark when she and her sister left, one for military school, and the other for Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood. Oh sure, I knew it was coming, and I knew I raised a strong girl. But... she was after all, still my baby. The first of five children that I I couldn't wait to hear from her. I wrote her several times a day. My heart was broken, and my world torn apart. I bet there are a few of you that can relate to how I felt when she was gone, some of you that are feeling that very same way right now. Through the years, running this page, I've met moms and dads a like that just need to know where their children are.

We need to know where they are? Are our soldiers eating? Are they Sleeping well? Are they cold? Are they alone? Are they doing okay with Drill Sergeants yelling at them, and Shark Attacks? I told my own daughter to tune out the yelling, but she's so soft hearted... No, No mamma, she's strong. They're learning to be strong adults, they're learning to be soldiers, and we... Well we're learning to live life a bit more independently too right?

Each soldiers first week in the military at Fort Leonard Wood, which is called week zero, is spent getting their hearing checked, getting shots and doing paperwork, stuff like that. It's boring for them. Which is nice. They might not realize it yet, but this is the calm before the storm.

The first thing soldiers do in boot camp is attend what's called Reception

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