Care Packages for Charlie Co. 3rd BN 10th Infantry

GUIDELINES FOR Charlie Co. 3rd BN 10th IN MAIL:

Items the soldiers can not have

  • No candy in care packages to fort leonard wood bctFood
  • Candy
  • Magazines or Newspapers
  • Cartoon Clippings
  • Games or Crossword Puzzles Etc.
  • Medication (They get that on base)
  • Supplements
  • T-shirts

Items you CAN include in care packages to soldiers in C co. 3rd BN 10th IN

  • Postage Stamps
  • Notebook Paper
  • An Address Book
  • A Cell Phone and/or Charger
  • DD Batteries
  • White Crew Cut Socks (NO Colored or Tube Socks)
  • Pens and/or Pencils
  • Personal Hygiene Products (Fragrance Free)
  • Cough Drops (Since they can’t have candy, these are REALLY popular)
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Pictures (No Pornography/ No Alcohol/ No Drugs)
  • Address Labels

Soldiers at Ft. Leonard Wood have access to health care, as well as a store. They’re given an advance on their pay when they arrive so that they can take care of any of their immanent needs.

The above information was last updated in Spring/2013. To make sure it’s current, check the note on the units Facebook Page.

Keep in mind that soldiers in this unit may have to do additional push-ups for each letter they receive, by all means, don’t let that discourage you from writing, write every single day, sometimes three times, but use that paper wisely, and make those letters count! Imagine what strong arms your soldier will soon have as well!

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