Cell phones at Basic Training

One of the most frequently asked questions about basic training is whether or not soldiers can use their cell phones during bct at Fort Leonard Wood. Families aren’t sure whether or not to send them, and then they’re not sure how to ship them if they want to send them later.

Most of the time soldiers are told not to bring their cell phones with them before they leave home. Well that’s bad advice in most cases.

Soldiers will not have their phones with them most of the time, however, it’s a pretty common occurrence in SOME units for phones to be handed out to soldiers for a VERY short period of time once a week, often on Sunday.

Soldiers are given a very short amount of time to use their phones, and if they don’t have a working cell, they’ll either have to borrow a buddies (and use up part of that buddy’s time) or they’ll have to wait for a pay phone. This may sound fine and dandy to you if your soldier is still at home, but I guarantee, when they’re gone, and you’re heart is broken, and you’re tearfully reading all of the messages in the Fort Leonard Wood Families Group, you’re going to want your soldier to have a phone.

That’s not all either. They’re given their … dead in most cases.. phones, and an allotted amount of time to use them. Then the phones are swooped back up, and locked up, away from all power sources for another week, and outlets are hard to come by. So not only do you want to send a phone with, or if it’s to late, then to, your soldier, you’re going to want to send him or her a rockstar in-call type phone charger. This way they can charge the phone while they’re talking to you.

My entire family uses the Mophie, and I highly recommend it. I never put my phone down these days, and it charges, with me on it, facebooking, googling, talking, playing games, etc. in about 20 minutes flat time.

Cell Phone use at AIT – Fort Leonard Wood

There are families that only hear from their soldiers when they phase up during their stint at Fort Leonard Wood. There are also families who will hear a lot more. I don’t know the rhyme or reason behind it. I do know that some soldiers will be given their phones back during AIT.

That’s right, they will have possession and you can chat, and text, instagram, and facebook and all that good stuff. In fact, many parents bring their soldiers laptops to them at BCT graduation because they have already been told that they can have them at AIT.

There are others though that get no more communication than they received during BCT. As you read above, I suggest sending those cell phones, send them a Mophie charging device as well if you can, they’re amazing. As for the laptops, I’d wait to hear on that one. My daughter actually bought a brand new one there on base for AIT.

Now in the time I’ve been running this website, and the companion Facebook Pages I’ve learned that this doesn’t stand true for everyone. Not everyone gets phone calls every week, some soldiers don’t seem to be allowed calls home for a month or more at a time.

When they do call however, most soldiers use their own cell phones. Sometimes they borrow each others cell phones, and other times they do use phones that are located on base.


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