FLW Basic Training – Week Four

FLW Basic TrainingIf you’ve been following along thus far, then you know that my daughter is in Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. During her 4th week of Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood her unit finished up zero and grouping training, then they took their second APFT, which I learned stands for Army Physical Fitness Test, which I also found out would be my daughters Achilles heel. There’s some information available about that test on my daughters unit’s Facebook Page. Click here to check that out.

So what did they have to accomplish this week?

  • 2 minutes of push-ups
  • 2 minutes of sit-ups
  • A 2 mile run

As I do most weeks, I posted the address where she receives mail on my Facebook page, tagged her, and encouraged her friends to send her lots of love via the U.S.P.S.

I also posted this on Facebook:

Never having shot a firearm in her entire life. (I raised my kids to be nice peaceful hippy types!) She is an excellent shooter, and has earned a patch in grenade throwing. Kinda seems sad that they don’t let women into combat. But.. I thank God that they don’t anyway, I don’t actually WANT my lil girl out there shootin’ ppl.

Jokes on me, as you’re probably aware, women in the military CAN do combat jobs now :D. It’s mind boggling how fast things change in the Army 😀

Some issues that my SIT faced this week at Fort Leonard Wood included: Death by Powerpoint (her words! haha), so she’s loving her classes. Also, her hair won’t cooperate, and it’s possible that they’ll shave her head. (update: They didn’t shave her head, though her hair continues to misbehave when she’s not using VERY strong gel!) She practiced and practiced military buns before BCT. Yikes!  She’s bruised from doing push-ups, she’s tired, and she sounds pretty darn happy. I’m lucky there, it’s hard, and many soldiers write home that they just cannot finish.

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