Fort Leonard Wood Pictures

Looking for pictures of a soldier at Fort Leonard Wood? Well you've come to the right place, sort of. Throughout their time in BCT professional photographers, chaplains, and OSA staff and others will take and publish pictures of your soldiers. In fact, some units even release videos. In some cases you can win special video messages by participating in forums, or get a picture of your soldier holding a sign.

While we don't actually have any Fort Leonard Wood photos here on this website, we do know where to find them. For most families, there will be two places to bookmark and look for photographs of soldiers at Ft. Leonard Wood. The first is the Fort Leonard Wood photography website; which can be a little tricky to navigate.

Fort Leonard Wood Photos

First, head to the Fort Leonard Wood photos website by clicking HERE.

Now you'll see a drop-down menu with a little arrow picture of arrowpointing down. Click on that arrow.

From the menu that appears choose your soldiers unit number. For instance let's say your soldier is in the Delta company of 210, or D210. You would choose D210 from the menu. Sometimes there will be more than one option, there will be D210, and then D210 with a bunch of numbers following, like D210 _20120625. You want the simple option, just D210, not the one with the selecting unit photosnumbers following. Those numbers are the graduation date of a unit prior to your soldiers unit. Your soldier hasn't graduated yet, so we want the option with no graduation date.

Once you've chosen the unit, you'll see a list of links, if your unit has photo's up already, it can take up to three or more weeks to see pictures of soldiers, it generally doesn't, but it can. finding activity photos

Each link represents an activity, if there are numbers before the activity, such as 01, 02 or 03, etc. Those are sets of pictures left over from the last cycle. The current cycle links don't have numbers in front of, or behind them. We've circled the pictures from the current cycle in the image on the right. You'll be looking for something similar to this when you're looking for your soldiers photo's.

The first set of pictures is usually New Arrivals, that varies, but pretty commonly that's the first opportunity you'll have to scour through hundreds of pix looking for your loved one. NBC is the gas chamber, and it's also the first picture many family members find of their soldiers, it seems as though a real effort is made during this event to get a picture of each and every soldier.

You aren't likely to find pictures of your soldier in every event, but you should be able to keep up with what he/she is doing by following the pictures, and get a handful of photographs for your scrapbook.

Finding Pictures of Soldiers on Facebook Pages

Another resource for families is the unit's Facebook page. Not every unit has one, and of those that do, they're not all frequently, if ever, updated. Some units however have VERY active Facebook pages and are a great place to find pictures, and sometimes video's, of soldiers. In fact, at least one unit rewards families for being active on Facebook with the chance to win videos of their soldiers! Check out our Company List for a list of Facebook Pages and other unit information.

The last two places I'd recommend you keep an eye on for pictures if they're available to you are the chaplains page and the USO's facebook page. Here's a link to the Main Ft. Leonard Wood facebook page. This isn't a BCT specific page, but a page for the entire base.  Here's a link to the USO for Fort Leonard Wood on Facebook.

Basic Training, Graduation and Deployment Gifts

  • Bobby Drennan

    Our son is finishing week two of basic training at FLW, its been very difficult dealing with him not being home and hearing his voice everyday. But we know he’s safe and is doing something awesome with his life so we are at ease with that. Still waiting to see a picture or two of him, I’m sure in time his handsom face will appear in a few shots. Phone calls are to few and in between. Graduation will come sooner than we know and looking forward to a huge hug and smile.

    • Could you please tell me if their will be any pictures of soldiers in ait

    • I know exactly how you feel. My son left the day after Mother’s Day, what a present! Just know you are not alone.

    • LadiesnGents

      my daughter is in her first week of basic after that first week of reception. I know how you feel. I’m so used to her being within arms reach of a phone and is waiting dearly to hear from her. I also live far away from getting to graduation.

      • Have you found the Facebook Group? It can be such a help when you’re missing her. Believe me I remember how that feels! 😀 .

  • Gloria

    I’m looking for Alpha Company 35th Engineers “Spartans” Pvt. Jose Jesus Perez III. I would like to see pictures on Facebook 🙂

  • Steph

    Gloria my fiance is in the same company! There are lots of pictures on the website listed above!

  • Julie

    My granddaughter hurt her knee last week and was to see doctor last Friday. Haven’t heard how she came out or what to expect. How can I find out about her ?

  • My boyfriend just started basic training in Missouri. I clicked on the link and hoped for the best… I ended up finding him in three photos 🙂 yay! Thank you for everything you’ve posted

  • LadiesnGents

    My daughter arrived for basic training at FLW August 18, from Jacksonville, Florida. She is in Delta 2-10, 2nd PLT. I have no idea how I can make it there for graduation. I miss her a lot. She has never been this far away from home. Seeing the photos website help a lot.

    • my daughter is in her first week of basic after that first week of reception. I know how you feel. I’m so used to her being within arms reach of a phone and is waiting dearly to hear from her. I also live far away from getting to graduation.

      • Bonnie Lynn

        My son is in his first week too, this is ruff!

        • Tami Kuykendall Thomas

          My son is in his first week of BCT as well,after a week of reception his BCT started Tuesday Sept.16th!!! I miss him terribly and can’t wait for a call or at least a address or a company#!!!

  • becca

    My boyfriend left Tuesday September 16 I have no idea what his company is. Can I find that out somehow?

    • Tami Kuykendall Thomas

      My son left on September 9th. I still do not have a address or a company!!! I received a scripted call letting me know he’d arrived safely and then a post card(typed) telling us he was in reception! I also received a brief letter from him that he actually wrote but we couldn’t respond to because it too was sent from reception.Finally, this Tuesday Sept.16th we got a 5 minute call telling us he was starting BCT that day and would call when he could! Still he didn’t know his address or Company!! I have no clue what to expect next but I’m praying for a call or at least an address soon! This Mom misses her baby!

      • Larry J Goodale

        We are in the same boat. Exactly the same. He arrived on September 9th and we also have no idea what his address is or his company! We are very concerned. His sister went to Fort Jackson and we knew her address as soon as she left reception. My son’s friend left a week later and his mom already has an address.

        • Tami Kuykendall Thomas

          What’s his MOS Larry?

          • Larry J Goodale

            Military Police…I believe he is in 701st E Company. But it has not been confirmed. His friend is in Company A and had someone say that his buddy from E said hi.

          • Tami Kuykendall Thomas

            Larry, I know in the post above you said we were in exactly the same boat, did your son call you as well to tell you he was starting basic on the 16th?? The reason I ask this is E company has a graduation date of December 18th which would’ve put your son starting BCT a couple of weeks before mine. If your son did start when mine did that’ll put him in B company which graduate on February 12th, and with his friend leaving after him (friends is Feb.19th) B company would more fit that timeline. One way we can check is go to for fort Leonard wood and click on company B787 then click on new arrival pics and see if you find your son! Let me know because I have B company address!

          • Basically it’s their job. You could change out the acronym MOS for the word Job.

        • Tami Kuykendall Thomas

          I finally received my sons address and yesterday we got two letters from him! I will try my best to help you find the information you need! We can start with the MOS and try to figure out the rest! I had some very nice parents and family help me out on Fort Leonard Woods family page on Facebook! Search them and request to be added to the group! They can help as well.

    • GD

      Becca, hopefully you have heard something by now. Shortly after he gets assigned you or a family member should receive a postcard with his address. You can also start viewing pictures of his platoon on the Ft. Leonard Wood website.

  • deziree

    Can someone please help me find an adress or something for my husband I spoke with him today but it was short an loud an I think I have his adress wrong.

  • BrownsBacker

    My son left on Sept 20. I got the phone call that he made it ok but not the phone call that tells us what Company he is in. How long does it usually take to get the second phone call?

  • Jerry Blankenship

    I need help, granddaughter, told whole family she was going in BC here, no, one has heard a thing from her. She has been in 3 weeks. Is there away to even know if she is really there? Not knowing hurts, a nana trusting in God for her. Thank you all

  • Jerry Blankenship

    My granddaughter told her whole family she was going in July 11 for BT, she has been gone 3 weeks now, we have not heard anything from her. We have no, address, nothing. We are not sure if she is there, it’s sad to say, she has been going through a lot after she turned 17, anyone know how her family could even find out if she is there, any help would be God sent. Thank you, her nana.