Reception at Fort Leonard Wood

First Shark Attack

The first thing that happens as new soldiers arrive at Fort Leonard Wood is ‘Reception’. Here’s an inside look from a recent graduate as to what happens during reception at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.

Upon arrival at Fort Leonard Wood, soldiers will be briefed on do's and don'ts and what may happen at reception.

Dental checkups
They may not necessarily do any work on you during reception but you'll have a check-up done to see if in the future there may need to be work done.

Eye checkups 
During reception, soldiers will have their vision checked to see if they require glasses. If it's found that corrective eye-ware is required, they will order a pair of  black glasses, and inserts for your gas mask and your eye protection.

Shots and Vaccines
Here they'll take your blood for testing and they give you roughly 6 shots in about 5 minutes including the flu shot. If you are up to date any and you have the paperwork to prove it they may let you out of a shot or two.


Hearing Tests
Nothing special, just a hearing check similar to the one at MEPs.

Military ID's
Depending on who you get or where you go you may not have to retake your military id if you already have one but here you'll get.

Financial Issues
If there are any issues in your pay they'll fix it and set you up for the correct pay or your pay grade. For instance, say you were promoted, but you're still receiving the wrong amount of pay.

Insurance Set Up
Here you will confirm your rank and set up your insurance, how much you're willing to pay and who will get it if you die. This is also where you will list someone to contact if you are injured

Military clothing and Basic Combat Training Supplies are issued
They'll usher you in to acquire your 4 military uniforms and 3 P.T. uniforms, 2 boots and maybe your winter boots depending on the season. You’ll also take a trip to the small troop store where you will purchase soap, socks, tennis shoes, under wear, deodorant, and other things.

Getting on the Bus
One day you will carry your bags down and line up next to your bags, you will hold out your ids where your future First Sergeant will check you off on a list and load you onto a bus where you will be ushered into your first Shark Attack.

The first night
Depending on the time you arrive you will be briefed and introduced to the goings on of reception. You are issued Blue Books (your guide to all that is army) and your warrior task and battle drills book. You are given linen and showed where you will sleep (bring a lock, there are thieves) you will pull fire guard through the night and begin your in-processing. If there are no troubles with any of your processing then it should take you about 3 days to get through.

  • Stacey Johnson

    My baby outta be at the airport on his way to fort Leonard man do I feel a little lost n that a part of me is missing I believe the worst part is knowing I can not pick up the phone n call n check on him this is his first time away from home I guess I need to realize he is a young man n not my baby no more

  • Kindra Williamson Hacker

    A piece of my heart is now at Reception. It has been rough on the old ticker…I hope she is okay and stays strong throughout this process…even though by days consist of crying I am still so proud of her.

  • eddie morales

    My daughter is at reception now .she arrived on Monday I miss her already but I know she is ok.does anybody know how we get their group# or address

  • Ted Adamcryk

    I know there is a link to see pic’s that are taken during basic training. Does anyone know what it is and where can I find it?