Basic Training Address and Company List

The following is a list of companies in Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. Where available we’ve tried to add corresponding Facebook pages, website pages, and family groups. Remember, that we also have a snazzy Facebook page, and group that’s available for sharing, and talking casually.

Be sure however to like your soldier’s units Facebook page, as they post updates and information on many of them pretty often these days. Another great resource is the chaplain, they’re great for moms and families that need talking, they’re great if you just neeeeed an update, and their pages are a great source of photo’s!

I used to publish mailing addresses on this page, but they change so frequently that I am afraid I’ll be sharing false information. If you do find yourself needing help with a mailing address, and it’s not on the units Facebook page, visit the facebook group :).

For more insight into why the mail takes foreeeeverrrr to get to the soldiers, please refer to the post about mailing letters to soldiers at Fort Leonard Wood.

You’ll notice there are still a few gaps to be filled in here. I spent hours compiling all of this information, and making absolutely certain it was all correct before posting it, and now a year later, I’m rechecking, and correcting changed url’s, deleting addresses and finding all sorts of outdated information. Please please please leave any missing information in the comments for other families to be able to find. I cannot stress this enough… If you find the information for a unit is different from what we have here, PLEASE let me know so that we can keep the information on this page fresh for everyone 😀

1st Battalion 48th Infantry Regiment – 1/48th

The address for the soldiers in this battalion, as well as a ton of information about what they’re doing from week to week can generally be found on this Facebook Page.

Updates for all of the companies listed below are posted nearly daily on the main 1/48 Facebook Page. In addition to those updates, check out Fort Leonard Photography for the most recent pictures.

  • A Company
  • B Company
  • C Company
  • D Company
  • E Company
  • F Company

701st Military Police Battalion

Facebook Page

E Company
Facebook Page

795th Military Police Battalion

B Co. Bulldogs

Facebook Page

Charlie Company

Long Abandoned Facebook Page

Delta Company

Facebook Page abandoned for Security Reasons.

Echo Company

Facebook Page – Long Abandoned

Foxtrot Company


Has no Facebook Page – Check out the FLW Friends Group and Facebook Page.


2nd Battalion 10th infantry Regiment – 2/10th

Battalion Facebook Page

A Company

A Co. FRG on Facebook Facebook Page

B Company

Friends and Fans
Facebook Group
Facebook Page

C Company

Company Phone Number: (573) 596-0312
Facebook Page

D Company

Facebook Page
E Company

Facebook Page
E Co. FRG Facebook Page

3rd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment

A Company

Alpha Company, 3-10 Infantry Battalion
UNIT #15
FT Leonard Wood, MO 65473

Facebook Page

B Company

Facebook Page

C Company

Facebook Page

D Company

Soldier’s Mailing Address:
Rank, Last name, First Name
D Co, 3-10 IN REGT, (Soldier’s Platoon)
495 Iowa Ave #45
Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Facebook Page

Unofficial Friends and Family Group Page for D310

Some of the family of past and/or current D310 soldiers put together a private group for friends and family members of soldiers in companies in this Battalion. Visit the Group Page for D310.

787th Military Police Battalion

C Company
Facebook Page
D Company

E Company


Faceb00k Page

F Company

Facebook Page


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Basic Training, Deployment and Graduation Gifts

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  • Betty Zuck

    How to find plt# for my son? He is in 31st eng bn. I want to write to support him and any others who may need it but i cant find plt#. He is private Sheldon, Austan

  • Jessica Joy Vess-Thornell

    I noticed there isnt an address for B CO 787…
    Pvt.__________________(soldiers last name first)
    B Co. 787 MP BN Platoon___
    7624 Loyalty Loop Bldg 937
    Ft.Leonard Wood, Mo. 65473

  • Karly Mickey

    I’m looking for address for A 787 MP Battalion…any help would be appreciated!

    • Sacheen Arce

      Exactly what I’m looking for. Did you find it already?

  • David Perry

    I see there is no page up for echo company was wondering when it might be up

  • Bree Mcconkey

    How do you know the company they are in and the unit number?

  • Elezebeth da Silva

    What size box can we send care packages in? My niece said a show box but I’ve always used the USPS APO/FPO flat rate box when solders are deployed.