Preparing to Attend a Ft. Leonard Wood Graduation Ceremony

Ft. Leonard Wood GraduationThere are two ceremonies that soldier’s families may find themselves attending at Ft. Leonard Wood. The 1st is the soldiers graduation from Basic Training. The 2nd is their graduation from AIT.

It can be a tricky thing to book travel arrangements for basic training graduations because there are so many reasons why your soldier might end up being held over and not graduating on the first expected date. 


hotel drawingBook your hotel room.

  • Remember to ask for early check-in if you arrive after midnight, and late check-out if your plane leaves after normal check out times.
  • Soldiers at BCT like pools and hot tubs}.

Schedule your flights (this can be done by clicking HERE).

  • The airport most commonly used for graduation at Fort Leonard Wood is St Louis International in Missouri. The airport code is STL.
  • A smaller airport in Missouri is Branson Airport, that code is BKG
  • Many Visitors to FLW fly into Springfield (SGF) because it's not the 1st choice, so there are often more options available.
  • There's also a very small airport on base serviced by Cape Air that travelers can connect with to land directly at FLW. The code for that airport is BTN.

The reason we’re scheduling flights after hotels,  is that most hotel reservations can be changed for free.

  • Rent a Car or Decide on Ground Transportation (Taxi, Bus)
  • Purchase your Warrior’s Banquet Tickets (if you plan on attending).

Document Checklist for FLW Graduation Ceremonies

  • Identification for everyone over 16
  • Car Insurance Documentation or Rental Car Paperwork
  • Fort Leonard Wood Graduation Map
  • Anne

    Do many parents attend the ait graduation

  • Ashley

    Do you have to have a family day pass and if so how do you get one?

  • Sharon

    My daughter is at Ft Leonard in basic Training, She is in week 3, 1/48- b comp. 3rd PLT, I can not find her pictures anywhere on site,Any idea’s.

  • Sharon

    I am trying to find pictures of my daughter in basic training. She has been there August 27th, and I cannot find pictures of her anywhere. She is in B- co 1/48th In Bn, 3rd PLT-The Spartans, Any idea’s on how to find them, Thanks – concern mom.

  • Lisa Burton Beaty

    What is the warrior banquet and what is the price

  • GD

    At what point during basic do they know when their projected graduation day is so travel arrangements can be made?

  • Melisa Hite Ingram

    I like a lot of information for us. Thanks

  • Tammy Christiansen

    When is the graduation after Boot Camp training. So I can put in with job to take off. To be there too.

  • Arizona

    So we just received our letter from our SIT daughter with the address info – with 8 weeks to go, letter dated 7/2/17, she invited her sister & brother who are 5 & 11 to come…is there an age restriction for graduation?

  • Kelly Randall Torgerson

    i cant seem to find any info on my sons graduation. the website with the graduation dates isnt update because it is showing the graduation date prior to his arrival.