Ft. Leonard Wood Vacation Rentals

What if you could take your soldier home between Basic Training and AiT? While that's pretty unlikely, you can provide your soldier, and your family with an intimate homelike experience that allows you all to relax; to really relax, and enjoy each other for the duration of your visit.

A vacation house instead of a hotel might be just the thing for your family! Vacation home rentals provide  a lot more space to spread out in general. Space, and privacy!

At this time, there's one listed on VRBO. The Fort Leonard Wood Vacation Rental. If you find another, please email me at LadyHoldem at Gmail dot com, I'd love to add it here. Make sure you include the name and telephone number of the owners :)..

In most cases, you'll have access to a full kitchen in a Fort Leonard Wood vacation rental, as well as washing machine and dryer! If the vacation rental is a part of a resort, or other condo, you'll likely have access to some really nice amenities. If it's a stand alone home, you and your soldier, and family will have a home, a place for your soldier to recharge. That's really what they need right? Family, love, home.

There are a couple other benefits as well. For instance, two single moms from the Ft Leonard Wood group met up recently, shared a vacation home, and invited a 3rd soldier to stay with them during their stay, splitting the costs 2 ways, and acting as surrogate moms to a third soldier.

If you're sharing costs, vacation homes can be a really nice way to get a large space for splitting.

There are a few options available when it comes to booking Ft Leonard Wood Lodging, so if Vacation Rentals in Missouri aren't the thing for you, not to worry, we'll talk about local motels, barracks, and even on-base options like the IHG Hotel throughout the site.