Hairstyles at Fort Leonard Wood Basic Training

Hair Styles at Ft. Leonard Wood BCT

MALES: Don’t even worry about it, it’s gone. Shortly after you arrive at Fort Leonard Wood, your head will be getting shaved.

From that point forward, once every two weeks or so, a Drill Sergeant will rally the males, making sure each has 7 bucks in their pockets (or enough for hair cut) and then they are marched down to the local troop store for a quick snip. Which they pay for themselves out of their paychecks.

FEMALES: Ladies may wear their hair in a variety of styles so long as it is in accordance with 670-1. Hairstyles range from pixie’s to bobs or hair can be worn up in a neat bun, military bun or otherwise, so long as there are no wisps, stray strands, or fly-a-ways.

If you do get a short haircut, your hair has to look neat and professional without touching your collar.

Can I bring Gel to Basic Training

There are a few variables to take into consideration when answering this question. The first obstacle when it comes to bringing hair gel with you to basic training is airport security. Remember that there are size restrictions when it comes to bringing liquid products onto airplanes. If your hair gel is in to big of a container, it’s going to get tossed at the airport.

If you do make it past airport security, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to get to have hair gel with you at Basic Training, and you’re going to be very popular among all the girls that didn’t read this article. There is however still a chance that your hair gel will get thrown away.

Hair Gel for Military Bun

There are ways to cut-down on the possibility that your gel/hair-spray/mouse and other hair products will get thrown out though. First, remember, nothing aerosol is allowed, that’ll get tossed right away, in fact, it probably gets tossed at the airport, before you ever make it on base.

Now assuming all your lotion’s, gels, and other hair and skin potions are all aerosol free, and made it through airport scrutiny, when you dump those black and green bags out for inspection, there’s still a chance things are headed for the trash bin.

To up the ante in your favor, avoid bright colors. If your gel comes in a bright yellow canister like Gorilla Snot Gel does, then scoop it into a plain looking container before packing. Most companies don’t mind if you have it, but they don’t like ‘inappropriate’ and ‘loud’ colored packaging.

If it does get thrown out, oh well, then you don’t get to have it, but .. believe me, it’s worth the few bucks you’ll be throwing away to take the gamble. If you find out you could have had it, and you opt to leave it, you’ll sure wish you hadn’t.

If you opt for the military bun, a GOOD strong hair gel is recommended, however, not during PT. During PT your hair is going to get messed up anyway, so put it up as best you can, use bobby pins that are the same color as your hair to secure it, and get-er-done. If you gob gel into your hair during physical training, you’re literally going to be in tears as that gel mixes with sweat, and rain, and drips into your eyes.

The rest of the time, ladies with longer hair will wear their hair in a military bun, you can practice these before BCT at home. It really helps to get the hang of them before you head to basic because you really have seconds to get your hair up and get ready for the day. There are lots of You Tube video’s available to help you learn how to do a military bun. You can use the rolled up sock method as shown, or you can buy a Conair Bun Maker made for military buns at Claire’s at the mall, any military supply store, or on Amazon.

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