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Survey Letters for Soldiers at Fort Leonard Wood

It's easy to feel starved for information when your solder is away at basic training. They don't have tons of time to write, and it seems like sometimes what they do write really doesn't paint you a picture of where they are, and what they're doing.

A mom in our group once came up with the idea to send a survey, she wrote down a bunch of questions that she had for her soldier, and gave him space to write and boxes to check. That idea spread like wild-fire and is one of the most popular topics in the group today. So for all of you moms who just want answers, and maybe don't even know the questions, or dads that aren't writers, brothers, sisters, girlfriends, etc that really just want to keep in touch, and to know as much as possible about the day-to-day going's on on base, here are some survey's that you can send to your soldiers.

We've created these survey's using input from families that have been generous with their ideas to coincide with some of the activities that go on on base, don't worry if you're not sending them exactly during the week they were written for we realize that you won't even have a mailing address by the first week.

Survey's by Week
Week One Survey
Week Two Survey
Week Three Survey

Ready to Print Survey

Edit the Survey and Make it Your Own – Click Here

Each of the survey's that have been created here are completely editable. You have our permission to change them and reuse them however you like. We've added downloadable Microsoft Word versions of each one for your convenience. Look for the "Click Here" link on every survey page! 😀

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