Mail and Sending Letters to Soldier’s at Fort Leonard Wood

There’s no way of knowing your soldier’s mailing address until you get that 1st letter from them. If I can make a recommendation, as soon as you do learn their address, print a couple sheets of mailing labels. I got mine at Amazon.   Once you’ve got your hands on those mailing labels, do your soldier a favor and mail them about three dozen. That address is a pain in the butt. It’s also a good idea to send your soldier labels with YOUR address on them. They don’t have tons of time. Better they spend it writing you than addressing silly envelopes. I also made fun PhotoStamps  for my daughter. The stamp choice seems so silly right?! But she loved it. She loved seeing what different stamps I would use even when I just bought some at the post office. Oddly she didn’t like when I used the patriotic stamps from the Post Office. I guess she had enough Army in her life being at boot camp.

How often do soldiers get mail at Fort Leonard Wood?

That being said, as a guideline it can take mail  anywhere from 7 to  9 days to reach  the hands of your Soldier. This is based on mailing time, and can vary plenty depending on what they’re doing. For instance, they go camping out in the wilderness, with tarps, and no tents. I don’t know for sure, but my guess is they don’t get mail that 2-4 day span. Other delays include holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Veterans day and any other day that either the military, or the post office get off. Here’s a little excerpt from the Fort Leonard Wood Facebook Page:

We pick-up and deliver mail each day the post office is open – withholding mail is a federal offense. The Fort Leonard Wood post office is small considering it caters to over 16,000 Soldiers and their families. It’s not uncommon for a Soldier to go a week or two without getting any mail and then get a bunch of letters in one day.

Here’s a little tip from a Fort Leonard Wood mom… Your soldier probably doesn’t realize that fact, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing for you to include it in a letter. They get very very lonely and it doesn’t take long at all for them to start feeling abandoned.

Addressing Letters to Ft. Leonard Wood Soldiers in Basic Training

Letters are addressed like this:

PVT Doe, Jane R. _E__ COMPANY, 1/48TH IN BN Platoon (#) 495 IOWA AVENUE, UNIT # (13 for A Co, 23 for B Co, 33 for C Co, 43 for D Co, 53 for E Co, and 63 for F Co) FORT LEONARD WOOD, MO 65473-8958

So to mail your soldier you’ll need:

  • Their company, for instance, my daughter is in E Co.
  • Your soldier’s battalion, my daughters battalion is the 1/48th as you see above.
  • Then you’ll need their Unit #, my daughter’s in E Co. so her unit number is #53.
  • Everyone in the 1/48th Battalion is at 495 Iowa. So with that information I was set.

If your soldier gets Sunday calls, get their address from them during that first call. If not, you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks until they send you a letter with their address and mailing instructions. Mail Ideas: Some things that you might do to brighten up your soldier’s and your own day include, decorating envelopes and stationery. Adding stickers and other fun things to your letters. Care packages are also very popular! I, and a lot of moms in the Facebook group, and new forums, have had a lot of success with surveys! They’re fun, they get soldiers that normally don’t talk talking, and they don’t take much time. Letters from Students and other Community Members I seriously carried a notebook, envelopes, stamps, and stationary in a folder with me everywhere that I went so that I could hit up friends and family for letters, post cards and notes while she was away. A teacher in the Mothers of Children Serving in the Military group actually had her entire class write to a different soldier each week during basic training. How amazing must it have been to receive letters from an entire class! If your soldier seems down, hit up the elementary schools in your area, see if there’s a teacher who wouldn’t mind letting the kids make cards, or paint a picture, or write a letter for your soldier.

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  • Ashley

    I saw what you’re post said about mailing labels. I’ve been so afraid to send him anything at all besides a basic letter each day. Sending these is not against any rules even though it sounds silly that it would be. I know it’s tough there already for him and don’t want to risk getting him into any trouble.

    • Hi Ashley!

      I was fairly sure that mailing lables were alright across the board, but I didn’t want to risk posting anything that wasn’t absolutely true, so I sent a message to LTC Anderson at Ft Leonardwood via the Facebook page that he manages. He warned that sites like this one aren’t run by the military, and that you should be careful trusting our information, and then he said:

      “there’s no issue with sending mailing lables. In fact, I would go one better and send pre-addressed and stamped post cards. Pre-addressed post cards are great because they’re small and your Soldier doesn’t have a ton of time on his / her hands to write; because they’re already addressed he / she doesn’t have to try to remember addresses for Family and Friends. They were a life-saver for me when my Family sent them through my basic and Ranger school experience almost 20 years ago. Hope this helps. v/r, LTC Anderson, Dragoon 6”

  • Annalise Russell

    What if i only have his rank and unit number ? i have nothing else , i just know his unit # 70 , and his rank Private Fisher . Any suggestions ?

  • vicki huber

    So would sending stamps be alright?

  • Lisa Burton Beaty

    What if I don’t have his Platoon # can I send letter anyways or do I wait until I hear from him? My son is at Fort Leonard Wood

  • elo

    hi…wat if the soldier just told u to look it up online…thats wat im doing but im still not sure where to address it to…i kno its n missori and i mite culd find his info but thats it….can the recruiter help me?

  • Katheren Miller

    When I got the scripted call I was driving and had no service. My soilders name is Anthony Vickers, all I heard was the number 14 and 4th platoon… Could any of that help me find his address?

  • Erika Reyes

    Como es posible que en la pagina de delta 310 los estudiantes se graduan el 15 de octubre y apenas hemos sabido si se gradua o no apenas hemos recibido una llamada del estudiante

  • Anna Nolley

    I completely forgot to put my boyfriends rank before his name in the letter. Will he still receive my letters?