Warfighter Challenge Run at Fort Leonard Wood

My Daughter’s at Ft. Leonard Wood in Basic Training – Week One

I don't know how parents got through this without the Internet in 'days of old'. I have a high-school aged daughter away at the National Guard's Youth Challenge program, and another away at Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood and I miss them both like crazy!

Both organizations have Facebook pages however, and that's truly a Godsend! I scour Facebook pages daily for even the smallest glimpses of my daughter's. You can picture me here with a magnifying glass, and my glasses, trying to decide if random female soldiers belong to me.

This is the message that was posted on the Fort Leonard Wood 1st Battalion 48th Infantry Regiment Facebook Page today:

Warfighter Challenge Run at Fort Leonard WoodEcho Enforcers (Week 1): This morning the Enforcers took their 1 mile run assessment to gauge trainee fitness level. Soldiers completed a one mile run as quickly as they can. Cadre will use this assessment to form ability groups for later ability group runs and identify who might need some additional physical readiness training if they hope to graduate from Basic Combat Training.

The Enforcers will spend the remainder of the day taking the Global Assessment Tool. This diagnostic assessment provides self-awareness to Soldiers on four of the five areas of Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (Emotional, Social, Family, Spiritual; the fifth area – Physical is assessed every morning during Physical Readiness Training).

You can learn more about the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program at http://csf.army.mil/# and as a family member you can take the GAT yourself as well: https://www.sft.army.mil/SFTFamily/Default.aspx

My daughter told me in letters that she wrote this week that runners started out in groups A B and C, and then graduated into faster groups as their speed improved.

This week, I formed a pretty  helpful page on Facebook for new families of soldier's. It's specifically a place for moms like me to cry, and gripe, love and laugh, for wives and girlfriends to join together and support each other, to share life, and to share in military experiences.  It's so much more than an Army support page. I invite you to come check it out.

Connecting with Families that have Loved Ones at Fort Leonard Wood

To visit the Fort Leonard Wood Friends and Families Page, first bookmark this page, so we don't lose each other forever, then click HERE. There will be a post that says you've been added to the group once your membership's been accepted, feel free to reply to that, let us know something about you, and what unit your soldier is in, if you have that information already.

Check out next weeks post for the promised link to literally hundreds of pictures of soldiers in your soldiers platoon. Get your eye glasses ready, and let patience prevail. There will be hundreds of them, and with some luck, a dozen of them will include that soldier you're missing so so much.

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  • Sheba

    My son is at FLW now and this is his 3wk. It’s been a very emotional ride so far. He is wanting to come home. He is begging for me to come get him. I want him to see this to the end and I miss him just as much as he miss me. I feel so guilty wanting him to stay. I’m at a lost! I’m missing work and in bed crying everyday. At what point do I start trying to get him out? I have read stories on the internet of pvt missing their family but they still had a positive attitude about seeing it through. I will admit, he is my only son, and we are like siblings. He has been the man of our household and I he is a bit spoil but a very hard worker. He has always found the good in anything. He has worked since he was 15 and is very athletic..so he’s not lazy. I just don’t know which way to turn. What do I do?

  • Tess Miller

    I want to join this group but can’t seem to find where to sign up. Help?