Arriving at Fort Leonard Wood for BCT

My Daughter’s at Ft. Leonard Wood in Basic Training – Week Zero

Reception and the Waiting Game – Fort Leonard Wood

Arriving at Fort Leonard Wood for BCT

1st Day at FLW BCT

This is the hardest week you're going to have as a military husband, wife, mom, or dad. It was one of the hardest weeks of my whole life.

Arriving at Reception

The best part of this week is that your soldier will be able to call you when he or she  arrives at Ft. Leonard Wood to let you know that she or he made it there safely. They won't be able to chat, or deviate from the script. They're literally going to read you a prewritten post card with a few sentences on it. 


Ask your Soldier What Company They're in ASAP.

At this point the soldiers won't know their addresses, and in some cases, they won't be able to say anything that isn't written on the card. This phone call is literally less than a minute long. If they know what unit they're in, that's all you'll need to get their address. But.. it's pretty unlikely that they'll know at this point. There address by the way will seem absolutely nothing like an address, so be SURE to have paper and pen handy for whenever they call with it. Don't try to interpret it, just write it down as they say it. You'll be able to visit our mailing address page and figure out the method to the madness.

Don't worry though, you'll hear from them again once they've been assigned to a unit, whether it's via another phone call, or through a letter from their commander that gives you their mailing address.

All you have to do is visit our page on mailing letters to Fort Leonard Wood for address information.

If your soldiers can  give  you their address during their next call home, you'll be about a week ahead of the game, if not you'll receive it in the mail it to you, and that'll take about two weeks. The good news is that if you don't get the address sooner, you'll at least have plenty of time to stockpile a few letters for mailing. 

What Happens during Zero Week

My SIT – Which you’ll learn very quickly means "solider in training",  arrived at Fort Leonard Wood and spent a couple of days in reception. Reception is like the waiting room, at least from my perspective. From there she moved on to her first week of basic training at Fort Leonard Wood. There's really no set amount of time a soldier spends in reception. It's just where they go to wait to be assigned to a unit.

Fort Leonard Wood's 1/48th on Facebook

This was posted on the Fort Leonard Wood Facebook Page for the 1st Battalion 48th Infantry Regiment on August 24th, the day my oldest daughter arrived on base.

Echo Enforcers (Week 0): That’s right, after a short two week cycle break, the Echo Enforcers begin picking up a new company’s worth of trainees today; looking forward to the start of another great cycle. Also looking from some help from Family Members who are further along in their “first deployment” to help our new Family Members with the knowledge you've gained over the past few weeks.

I stalked that Facebook page all week long. I met some cool moms, and I learned some pretty cool stuff, in fact, check out the Week 1 post, and I'll introduce you to my favorite group of military moms. In week 2 I'll show you where to find a TON of pictures of your 'soldier in training'. You're thinking about skipping week 2 and finding my forum for army moms aren't you? Trying to skip ahead to week 3 so you can get to those pictures?

I understand, I really really do.. let me just say, there's no point in it, the pictures aren't even posted until week 2 is over ;).

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  • JN

    Thanks for listing what to ask when my SIT calls and what basically happens. We are a non-military family with my son heading to Leonard Wood this coming Monday. I believe he thinks he is prepared and packed, but my husband & I have NO idea what to expect.

  • You’re a military family now! 😀

  • Jena Turner

    Thank You!

  • RB

    My son arrived at Fort Leonard wood for BCT on the 9th of February, now it’s the 24th and we haven’t heard a thing from him! I talked to a soldier at Processing/Reception who said it wasn’t unusual for a new recruit to have to wait 2-3 weeks before being assigned to a Company/Platoon! Pretty frustrating when you haven’t heard from them to make sure they’re alright. I understand you cain’t write them until they get to there assigned unit, etc. His AIT after BCT is 92G Food Specialist, where he will be heading for Fort Lee, Virginia. It’s possible the delay in Reception is they’re trying to schedule his BCT to coincide with the start of his AIT school! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  • Lisa Heyde

    My son is going to Fort Leonard Wood in August he said he will be there 20 weeks and 6 days. His father and I are not together will they allow him to call us both or how can I find out

    • Lisa Hayward

      I don’t know the answer to your question but my son just left today and he will be at Fort Leonard Wood for 20 weeks also. It’s been an emotional day for me! I’m just trying to find out everything I can and figuring out how I can get his address! Has your son left yet?

      • Lisa Miles

        Yeah I bet it was emotional. My son leaves on Monday. I know I will be a emotional wreck too. Today is his birthday and then leaves in 5 days. He said he is nervous and excited at the same time.

  • Michel Stansbury

    My grandson just arrived July 3, 2017. Just waiting to here from him.