PV2 Lakey Coming out of the Gas Chamber at Ft. Leonard Wood

My Daughter’s at Ft. Leonard Wood in Basic Training – Week Two

Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood – Week Two

PV2 Lakey Coming out of the Gas Chamber at Ft. Leonard Wood

Coming out of the Gas Chamber at Fort Leonard Wood.

During the 3rd week of Basic Training, my daughter attended Values and Heritage classes where she learned about both our Nation and our Army. She never really excelled in history independently, but with flash cards, and a few hours of studying with her dad and I, she did a great job.

Basic Training – The Gas Chamber

This is also the week that she tackled the gas chamber! If you’re not familiar with the gas chamber, well let me just say she was very proud.. she didn’t puke. She was however disgusted, as someone else puked on her shoes.

Soldiers enter the gas chamber wearing their gas masks, and then to learn the importance of the mask, and to learn to trust them, they take them off. With their gas masks off, soldiers will sing a lively tune, such as the Star Spangled Banner. My daughter and I knew it was coming, so she at least got to have the knowledge that it wouldn’t be long before she was breathing clean air again. Or at least as clean of air as MO. has to offer.

 Today they’re off to one Basic Combat Training’s signature events and one of my all time favorites – the Gas Chamber! Snot bubbles and tears everywhere guaranteed! In all seriousness, using C.S. gas, the training event demonstrates the effectiveness of the equipment provided to our Soldiers to keep them safe should they ever come in contact with a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) environment. -LTC Anderson

Tips for getting through the Gas Chamber in Basic Training

  • BLOW YOUR NOSE on the way. Clean out those nasal passages!
  • Sing a Song in your Head (When you’re not singing outloud)
  • Keep your eyes OPEN
  • Wave your arms when you get out
  • Keep Moving – it’ll be over before you know it.

If you close your eyes, expect to get a free trip back through, for you and all your friends! You’re really only in there for a few seconds, somewhere near 30, so kids, just sing a nice song and head to your happy place.

Here’s another excerpt from the Facebook page:

Echo Enforcers (Week 2) – Heads out to the range for familiarization with the AT4 Anti-Tank System and the M203 40mm Grenade Launcher. Soldiers will fire sub-caliber munitions for the AT4 and practice 40mm grenades with the M203. Some lucky Soldiers will get the opportunity to fire a live AT4 and high explosive 40mm grenades from the M203!!

First Aid Training for Combat Lifesaver Certification at Fort Leonard Wood

My soldier also started the first of three days of First Aid training during week two. After she finished that, she took the test for, and gained her  Combat Lifesaver Certification.

According to LTC Anderson at Fort Leonard Wood:

Combat Lifesavers are critical care providers on today’s battlefield and have done amazing things to help save Soldiers’ lives, regardless of their military occupational specialty (MOS – their job), that during other conflicts would have led to death or catastrophic injuries.

Following Combat Lifesaver Certification my daughters company got to take their 1st  diagnostic Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).

Soldiers will do two minutes of push-ups for the APFT as well as two minutes of sit-ups, and a 2 mile run. Each soldier will be scored on the amount of each exercise they accomplish in the given time frame.

In order to pass Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, or anywhere in the United States Army, soldiers will need a score of 50 points or more. This isn’t a real big deal today, but in weeks to come, it becomes a very big deal, it’s one of the most stressful parts of Basic Training, and a reason your soldier might end up getting recycled.

There are always new pictures posted on the 1/48th’s wall every Saturday, so that would be the day to start looking for pictures of your soldier gushing snot, and flapping his arms in the air. Sundays being for phone calls, you can ask him the next day whether or not he puked.

Feel free to comment below if you know what your soldier is up to this week, or if you learn anything new and exciting. We’d love to see some pictures, and hear about your phone calls!

If you’re looking for fun letters to send to your soldier this week, check out the Week 2 Survey for soldiers in Basic Training.

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  • LadiesnGents

    I’m glad my daughter in Delta 2-10 has gotten past the Gas Chamber training. I was also glad to see her picture when she made her exit. Thank you for all your support.

  • Sheila Wright Johns

    My granddaughter will there 2 weeks Monday.