The secret of the green bag – Fort Leonard Wood Basic Training Tips

As you leave reception heading to your very first company at BCT you will have two bags, one black, and one green. Some companies that make you hold the green bag above your head for a long time. Here’s a tip, when you pack those bags, at reception, put the heavier items, like boots for instance, in the black bag.


Pack your green bag LIGHT!

Fill the green bag with mostly clothing, make sure it looks good and full, so that it’s not obvious that you’re favoring the green bag, or you’ll just be causing your self extra trouble.

Now when you’re hefting this huge bag over your head, and holding it up there for what seems like forever, you can bask in the thought that everyone elses bags are so much heavier than yours!

Pretty soon, you’ll be dumping both bags out onto the ground for inspection. Try to make sure you have enough room so that you can dump your bags without your things getting mixed up with the belongings of the people around you.


As soon as your things are dumped, start separating them into piles, shirts with shirts, socks with socks, and so forth so that your drill sergeants can see each and every item, and how many of each item there are in as little time as possible.

Keeping things separated like this will save time, and also make it easier for you to repack everything quickly, everything you do will be done quickly.

Make sure you hydrate the day before you head for basic, and drink TONS of water in reception so that you’ll be plenty hydrated when you first head out with your new company.


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