Week 2 Survey for Soldiers in Basic Training

The following survey is tailor written for soldiers in Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood. These types of survey's are fantastic because they get families the information and interaction that we crave, and help soldiers think about things to write about, as well as get us letters even when they have no time to write them. For fastest turnarounds, send a self addressed stamped envelope along with your survey. You might even throw a few extra stamps and envelopes addressed to grandparents and other fun people to write with each of your letters. 😀 If you'd like the .docx file so that you can tailor make this survey for YOUR soldier, Click Here. 😀

Pretty PDF Survey (Ready to print)

Want to print this survey? Click HERE.


What else is going on during your soldiers first week at Fort Leonard Wood? Find out more reading our Basic Training Basic's article, where you can learn about reception, medical records, insurance, and more! 

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