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Write a Letter to Any Soldier

As you're sitting down to write to your soldier tonight. With your heart bursting with love, and missing them. Imagine them there, without you. Imagine they are the one soldier that gets no mail. Not a single letter. What if your soldier had experienced letter-less mail days so many times that he didn't even acknowledge mail call?

Breaks your heart to imagine your baby without any mail doesn't it? It sure does mine. With that in mind, I've written to several soldiers, and they usually have amazing things to write back! Its a great way to connect someone you might never otherwise meet! It's also your chance to really impact someone.


If our search engine results are anything to go by, it's also apparently a way to meet a man, or woman soldier in the military!

Here's a quote from LT Anderson's facebook page:

"These can be a HUGE morale boost for Soldiers who aren't getting much mail from home. Having personally received several of them over the years while deployed, I know that they are always an unexpected treat."

How to Write an "Any Soldier" Letter

Writing Your Letter - What do people Write in an any  Soldier Letter?

The first step is simply to write an encouraging letter.  That's as important, or often more-so important as it is to encourage your child when they're at Basic, or to root your husband on. . . you know the drill, be upbeat, be positive, boost their spirits,

 I start my letters by introducing  myself and my family.  I very candidly talk about my family, describing quirky things about us all, like..

My daughter Alexus, the 2nd youngest of my 5,  loves mashed potato's, in fact, when she was just 2, we found her on the Thanksgiving table, the serving spoon full of potatoes squashed up to her mouth, just smacking away! She's 12 now, still loves potato's, but no longer wearing diapers at the table!

Whenever I write a letter to someone that's homesick, I do my best to bring them home. I write about things they can see. For instance: It's pretty early, but its really nice out! I've decided to sit out on the back patio with a cup of steaming tea while I write this. There are a couple of chairs out on our deck, which is mostly covered in shade by a few trees that are here in the yard.

I'm a talker though, so I talk an awfully lot. Short and sweet is just fine too!

 Hi I'm Jane, heard you're in the Blah blah co. What's that Like? Best, Jane

Mailing an Any Soldier Letter

After you've written the letter, you've done the hard part. Pop it into an envelope and address it.

Any Soldier in Basic Training 
[Insert an Address from This List of Fort Leonardwood Addresses]
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 

If you think you'd be more encouraging to a female soldier, then you can change Any Soldier to Any Female Soldier. Perhaps you're a football coach, and you really think you're a perfect mentor for a male soldier, simply change Any Soldier to Any Male Soldier.

We often get requests for letters for specific soldiers that aren't getting a lot of mail. When that happens, we'll post them here on this page. If you know of a soldier that could use a pick me up, post his/her info in the comments. When you do that, please post an expiration date, so that people stop writing before the soldier leaves. About 300 people a day read this page. 

  • Michelle Day Stephens

    All 3 of the Soldier’s from A 787 will graduate 10/16, no more letters should be sent to them.

  • Johna Roberts

    I took in a homeless young man four months ago. He left for reception at Fort Leonard Wood on 4/13 and was to start basic training on 4/20. I haven’t heard from him and have no idea where he is. Since I’m not “family” no one will help me. He became a part of our family and we miss him. His name is Brett Warner. I want to be able to send him mail and care packages, but am unable to do so without an address. Can anyone help me, please?

    • guest

      Send a letter to each address with his name on it until you get a reply?